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December 06, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST

Liz Lemon tied the knot last week proving there’s hope for everyone in this strange world. So will she get pregnant with little Rufus T. Barleysheath before the series finale? Only time will tell. Until then, Lemon can bask in the glory of her 80 Under 80 award. While riding her marriage high, Ms. Elizabeth Lemon — she’s keeping her name — found out she’d been named one of the women in entertainment who aren’t Betty White. She was thrilled with the honor, particularly when she learned the ceremony would be broadcast on 

But Jenna, who was notably absent from Liz’s wedding, was none too pleased with Liz’s recent nuptials and general success. Jenna was furious that Liz had stolen her thunder. The biggest offense was getting married the day before Jenna’s own surprise wedding to Paul. As you know, Jenna’s been planning a secret wedding to keep up with all the A-listers. (See: Timberbiel, Beyon-Z, and Anne Hathanobody.) But honestly, it’s hard to not steal Jenna’s thunder when, as she puts it, her whole life is thunder. Jenna pretended to make up with Liz and agreed to go to the award luncheon with her. But naturally, Jenna had a secret plan — which she sang about prior to the first commercial break.

At the award ceremony, we were treated to a slew of guest stars (Pat Battle, Gayle King, Judy Gold, Sue Simmons, and Wendy Williams!) and stereotypes about women (bathroom breaks and bad directions). Bonnie Badamath, played by Andrea Martin, hosted the event that served as the backdrop for Jenna’s revenge. She planned to upstage Liz with a second attempt at her secret wedding. But Liz got wise to her scheme and used her technical lighting skills to literally put Jenna in a bad light. (Sidenote: Jenna as an old lady was almost as entertaining as Lemon on a HD screen.) But in the end, these BFFs made amends and Jenna got her surprise wedding — weird vows and all. Congratulations are in order for Mrs. and Mr. Jenna Maroney!

Meanwhile, Kenneth was upset because Lemon had fired Hazel, and Hazel had subsequently broken up with him. Tracy tried to cheer him up with a visit from Mrs. Brady herself, Florence Henderson. It was all a part of Tracy’s plan to make Kenneth’s life more like a TV show. This culminated with Tracy “recasting” Hazel with a young Asian woman. She only had one line, and I’m already liking the new Hazel exponentially more than the old. Let’s hope that recasting sticks.

NEXT: Elaine Stritch returns, and the night’s best lines!

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