The Safe Man: A Ghost Story

December 05, 2012 at 05:00 AM EST

This mildly spooky spectral tale, The Safe Man: A Ghost Story, by famed thriller writer Connelly was originally published anonymously in 2005, but has returned to walk the earth as a Kindle Single. A locksmith who specializes in opening safes discovers something far more unnerving than jewelry and Social Security cards when he drills open a mysterious strongbox in an old mansion recently purchased by a paranoid crime writer. While the premise is a good one, and Connelly a talented writer, any and all tension dissipates faster than foggy breath. It’s certainly not a bad stab at scary, but fans of the author probably won’t be surprised to find out he’s better at conjuring up thrills than chills. B-

The Safe Man: A Ghost Story

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The Safe Man: A Ghost Story

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