By Hillary Busis
December 05, 2012 at 04:13 PM EST
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Kramer’s heading back to TV.

TV Land confirms to EW that Seinfeld star Michael Richards has been cast in the pilot of Giant Baby, a new sitcom starring Kirstie Alley. The pilot tapes next week. Richards hasn’t had a starring role on the small (or big) screen since 2000, when The Michael Richards Show came and went on NBC. (Blame that old Seinfeld curse, or the fact that the series wasn’t funny.) Of course, his career really hit a standstill in 2006, when a vulgar, belligerent clip of the comedian freely spouting the N-word at West Hollywood’s Laugh Factory hit TMZ.

Here’s a series description, courtesy of TV Land.

Giant Baby revolves around Madison “Maddie” Banks, a Broadway star who finds her life turned upside down when Arlo, her long-lost son, turns up looking to connect after his adopted mother has died. However, Maddie doesn’t exactly see nerdy and schlubby Arlo fitting in with her luxurious lifestyle. When her attempt to change Arlo backfires, Maddie finds that perhaps they both could use a little change in their lives.

Alley is playing Maddie; Richards will play her limo driver. The series will also star Rhea Pearlman — Alley’s old Cheers co-star — as Maddie’s assistant, and will guest star Dancing With the Stars‘ Gilles Marini as Maddie’s chef.

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