By Hillary Busis
Updated December 05, 2012 at 07:52 PM EST
Might Like It

What happened to Danny and Sandy after they flew Greased Lightning off into the sky? Evidently, they landed, grew middle-aged together, bought a plane — wait, what? They already had a flying car — and separated before the holidays just so that they could make a music video about coming back together. The clip also features a family reunion that has nothing to do with Danny or Sandy because, sure, why not.

What the hell am I talking about? I’m talking about this newly-released music video for the only original tune on Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta’s fantastically cheesy Christmas album. (EW’s Nakisha Williams calls it “Grease goes to Shady Pines.”)

The song, “I Think You Might Like It,” is supposed to be the “sequel” to “You’re The One That I Want.” In the sense that it’s an up-tempo duet between Travolta and Newton-John, it succeeds. In every other way… well, maybe you should just watch for yourself:

Discussion questions:

1. Why does this video have the production values of a local car dealership commercial?

2. When did Travolta grow a Kevin Richardson chin cozy?

3. Why is Olivia driving so slowly? (Is it because she’s used to doing it on the opposite side of the street?)

4. Is “Then we’re gonna hide away / Making love all night” the least convincing lyric ever when it’s sung by these two?

5. Is the line dancing supposed to be a tone-deaf nod to “Gangnam Style?” And not a question, but: Man, their moves have really gone downhill since the glory days.

6. Why is that random family reuniting at a private airport, or possibly a car rental place?

7. Where did Liv and John get their matching Elmo-red sweaters?

8. Could this be the Internet’s best GIF?

9. All in all, is “I Think You Might Like It” a total embarrassment, an incredible camp artifact, or both?

Talk amongst yourselves.

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