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This fall, one question permeated Monday morning chatter everywhere, particularly in the offices of EW: “Did you watch Homeland last night?!?!” This year’s Emmy winner for Best Drama Series, along with statues for lead actors Claire Danes and Damian Lewis, became THE show to watch/analyze/debate with your family, friends and coworkers (the show actually hit a ratings high with this past Sunday’s polarizing hour). That’s why EW named it as one of our Entertainers of the Year for 2012. “It seems a little excessive,” jokes Danes of the banner year. “It’s always a little concerning when there’s this gush, this flood of success. But it’s wonderful and I’m just so grateful that people have really embraced the show and are as enthusiastic as they are. I think we all can’t quite believe our luck.” Adds Lewis, “I know the writers were concerned on not being able to top season one. But people have really seemed to enjoy season two and that’s even with some of that ambiguity potentially having evaporated in that relationship between Carrie and Brody.”

Now with the only two episodes left in the second season, the big question remains — ‘Will Brody survive?’ No one will say (although click here for my colleague Adam Vary’s theory on why he should die) but Lewis thinks the appeal of the series is how the writers toy with this genre’s expectations. “Part of the talent of this writing room is that they’re not afraid to kill the sacred cow,” admits the actor. “I think that’s what’s exciting everybody. They’re prepared to be bold in their storytelling. Who knows if they’ve got any more story up their sleeves but it’s been a thrilling ride!”

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