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Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Benny (Ty Olsson) may have bonded in Purgatory, but it was always understood that if the reformed vampire ever fell off the wagon he’d have to deal with the deadly consequences.

In this week’s midseason finale, airing Wednesday, Sam is led to believe that’s exactly what happened after a fellow hunter, whom Sam enlisted to keep tabs on Benny, reports mysterious happenings. “[Dean] has to deal with the issue of what if Benny is not the type of guy that Dean can not trust any more. That’s sort of at the crux of the episode — is he or isn’t he?” previews executive producer Jeremy Carver. “And it puts not only the brothers in conflict, but it puts Dean in conflict with Benny and the brothers in conflict with the other hunter, Martin. It turns out to be just a really, really emotional rollercoaster of an episode.”

For more from Carver on the midseason finale and the rest of the season, see our Q&A below. Also, check out Spoiler Room for details on an important character we’ll be seeing very soon.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So the boys are on Benny’s trail in this episode after Sam’s mole reports some interesting information. But does Dean still want to think the best of Benny? Or is he feeling doubt at this point?

JEREMY CARVER: First of all, I agree that Dean wanting to believe the best in Benny is what drives Dean’s position in this episode. I don’t think that Dean has any choice — he’s a hunter. He’s presented with a set of facts then he has to follow, even though he’s not so thrilled about it. I don’t think it’s that hard to get him to get into the car to go to the case; I think it’s what happens next where the complications ensue.

At the end of the last episode, Castiel said he was going to stick around with the old man a while and then sort of follow his own path. Does he factor into this episode at all?

We’ll see him right when we come back in episode 10.

Also in the last episode, we learned in a flashback that Amelia’s husband is still alive. Do we get another piece of that puzzle in this episode?

We do. The Sam-Amelia storyline sort of comes to a head in a few different ways with both in flashback and in present day. I can tell you that Benny is not the only present-day problem the boys are dealing with. I think Amelia factors into that as well and there are a few more surprises having to deal with all of this that are in the episode as well.


It’s hard for me to describe, but there are some answers. Well, yeah, sure, we can say there are answers. And then more questions.

I know the episode ends in a cliffhanger. Describe the scope of it and tell me how it launches us into the second half.

I think there’s some big-deal stuff that happens and it involves all the players that are in this episode. I think everything that started the season as a simmering conflict — whether it be Benny or Amelia — it all really rises to a boil here. I’m not going to say there’s tremendous, knock-down fisticuffs between the boys, but I do think there is some real emotional punching that’s done in this episode both in conversation and in deed. I can’t really go into deeper than that. But I think the boys, coming back, are really going to need to find a way to decide, basically, what’s most important in their lives at this time. And that’s something I can promise is coming.

A few days ago we got some big casting news about a character named Henry Winchester. I thought that was interesting considering the episode we’d just seen had so many nods to John. Was that intentional?

When we have things coming up, we always want to have seeds we’re planting. And also, we also make mentions of Mary — mom — in episodes coming up and part of that is the underlying reason for their quest is vengeance for what happened to their family. So any time we can keep family in the forefront of their minds — even if things aren’t really moving ahead on the actual quest — I think it keeps that kettle simmering at least. Even if its not in the most obvious way. So that’s one reason. The other reason is that John’s their dad, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t come across someone that dad knew.

And fans go crazy for that stuff.

Yeah! No, it’s fun. There’s something tremendous — when I say Winchester family tree, it’s not just the Winchesters, it’s the whole tree of supporting characters. So it’s a wonderful, wonderful vast…Pinterest board of people and events to pick from!


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