December 04, 2012 at 05:15 PM EST

That wily J.J. Abrams: He gives us just enough yummy crumbs to tantalize our taste buds for the full meal. His latest tease, the poster for next summer’s Star Trek Into Darkness, is just such an appetizer platter. It contains a handful of surprising clues as to what he’s got cooking for his follow-up to his 2009 reboot of the Star Trek franchise, clues designed to ignite deep-dish geek outs across our glorious planet. So let’s not waste any more time and begin considering each of these engaging morsels one by one: 

1. Who is that man with the killer fashion sense? Instead of Chris Pine or Zachary Quinto, the general consensus is that the lone figure in the poster with his back to the camera is Benedict Cumberbatch (i.e. Benny Batch) as [Fill in iconic Trek character here who could be Khan Noonien Singh but could also be a young version of Soran from Star Trek: Generations, why not?]. Much of that perfectly logical reasoning stems from the paparazzi photos from the Star Trek Into Darkness set that leaked last February, showing Cumberbatch sporting a similarly shaped long leather jacket. But it also presents some other intriguing questions: So where are Kirk and Spock? What role did Cumberbatch’s character play in the sweeping destruction before him? And how soon should we start making our own black leather jackets in time for next year’s Comic-Con?

The most impressive part about Cumberbatch’s placement in the center of this shot is that it also places his character, already a subject of intense Trekkie speculation, that much more in the spotlight. Abrams seems to be telling us that his movie is in some way about Cumberbatch’s character. Fascinating.

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