By Tara Fowler
December 04, 2012 at 06:07 PM EST
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People having a worse day than you: WGN Morning News anchors Larry Potash and Robin Baumgarten.

Why, you ask? Well, these poor hosts spent their Friday morning on air giving a play-by-play report of an accident at the corner of Chicago’s 29th Street and Martin Luther King Drive. The problem? The so-called “accident” involving a downed aircraft was actually the set for an episode of Chicago Fire. Whoops! Watch the horror unfold below:

Authors, take note. Talk about a lesson in foreshadowing. Here are the five moments that should have been a tipoff:

1. “We’re not getting much information from anyone yet”: I get that you wanted to scoop other news crews, but shouldn’t someone have at least confirmed there had been an accident?

2. “It looks like a giant hole in the middle of the street”: And the fact that there are no billowing clouds of smoke isn’t suspicious?

3. “We haven’t seen any ambulances here”: Why would people just be milling around a real accident? Where is all the hubbub? Where are the flashing lights? Why is there just a single fire truck? (That makes sense in the world of Chicago Fire, but not the real world.)

4. “It doesn’t look like anything serious”: You’re just making a mockery of yourself at this point. The truth is in front of your eyes! Why can’t you see it?

5. “We don’t see a lot of frenzied activity around the plane”: I think I need a blood pressure check.

On the plus side, Chicago Fire got some free advertising! Prepare to see the ratings heat up (couldn’t resist).

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