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Far Cry

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Far Cry fans who’ve been following the open-world shooter franchise’s forthcoming entry have no doubt heard its postcard-perfect setting is populated by more than a few psychos and sociopaths. Home to sickos of all stripes–from a mow-hawked madman to a self-medicating physician–the exotic locale is the ideal vacation spot…if your name is Benjamin Linus or Doctor Moreau. Based on my recent conversation with Far Cry 3’s producer Dan Hay, however, it seems this colorful cast of crazies represents just one of the threats attempting to turn unsuspecting tourists into permanent island inhabitants.

Describing the title’s fictional Rook Islands as “that place where you can only go if you jump from a plane or you walk for miles to catch a boat that only comes every Tuesdays at two o’clock” Hay elaborates on some of the other dangers players might encounter: “It’s an expansive living world that accounts for all the things you would expect to find in such a place; from insects flying in your face, snakes and rats crawling on your feet and an entire ecosystem that is alive.”

Speaking like a man who maybe takes a bit too much pleasure in scaring the pants off players, Hay continues: “We wanted you to hear the crickets when it got dark, hear the foot falls of a heavy animal in the distance; a komodo dragon, a tiger, a leopard or any of those things that exist in those kinds of places. They are dangerous and can eat you alive, so those sounds will definitely put you in alert.”

While Hay cites Apocalypse Now, Deliverance, and The Road as inspirations for the game’s survival-focused story, he credits everything from Lost to National Geographic in helping he and his team capture what he gravely describes as “that experience of being swallowed by a lush environment and feeling the sweat on the back of your neck.”

So, yeah, sounds like it might take more than a bottle of sun-block to survive this lovely little getaway. Before hitting the beach–and maybe having your face eaten off by a komodo dragon–spy these exclusive screens of Far Cry 3’s sinister take on a Sandals’ resort.

Check out two more images from the game, out Tuesday, below.

That couch might be slightly creepier than the aftermath of an apparent bear-versus-pirate battle.

This looks perfectly safe. Seriously, go ahead in and have a look around.

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