By Tara Fowler
December 03, 2012 at 04:46 PM EST
Kevin Wolf/AP

Last night, while I was lounging on my couch and finishing off a pint of “Everything but the…” (a pint I had started in the same sitting, mind you), the photo you see above was being taken. That’s right, Meryl Streep and Hillary Clinton are apparently BFFLs and enjoy Instagramming themselves on their nights out. Stars! They’re just like us (except a night out for Hillary and Meryl means the Kennedy Center Honors gala and not your local college pub — eh, potato, po-tah-toe).

But it’s not the womance that’s the news here — though I’d love a reality show on these two (MTV take note!) — it’s the uncanny resemblance between them. First, and most obviously, the hair. Both ladies are sporting the exact same shade of platinum blonde. And, of course, it’s a tasteful platinum blonde. I didn’t think such a thing was possible, but Hillary and Meryl have proved me wrong. Next, the colors. They must have called to coordinate. There’s no other way that little speckle of teal in Meryl’s earrings would have matched Hillary’s dress so perfectly otherwise. Finally, the twin smiles of absolute joy. They probably share a dentist, as true besties do.

Why is all this important, you ask? I should think it’s obvious: Meryl was born to play Hillary. Last year at the Kennedy Center Honors, the late Nora Ephron predicted that it was “inevitable” that Streep would one day play the Secretary of State in a movie. Not to say she wasn’t good as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady or Julia Child in Julie & Julia, but playing Hillary could be her crowning jewel (and that’s quite a crown, seeing as she’s been nominated for 17 Oscars). And you know Meryl totally wants to. Watch her introduce Hillary at Women in the World 2012:

It’s love, guys. See to it, Hollywood!

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