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December 03, 2012 at 07:10 PM EST

After assembling a laugh-out-loud cast for the first season of his dating show parody Burning Love, Ken Marino set an ultra-high bar as he stepped behind the camera to produce the web series’ second season. But, as you can see from this exclusive cast shot, Marino has outdone himself. From Party Down cast mates to comic mainstays, the next set of suitors in this “loving homage” to The Bachelorette is chockablock with gut busters.

Below, Marino talks EW through season 2 with four exclusive pics, singles out some of the early favorites, and reveals the theme of season 3. Read on…

Season 2 — which Marino and his wife, writer Erica Oyama, again produced with Paramount’s Insurge Pictures and Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Digital — follows Julie Gristlewhite (June Diane Raphael), one of the bachelorettes who suffered a broken heart at the hands (and hose) of fireman Mark Orlando (Marino) in season 1. Fans will remember that Julie struggled in season 1 because of confidence issues from the split with her rollerskating Italian ex-fiancé. But, for season 2, “She’s very excited to be the bachelorette — very excited,” says Marino. “She’s gained a lot of confidence. She’s also gained a lot of tanning spray and hair extensions.”

Last season, Mark whittled down his potential mates at a series of Hose Ceremonies. Now that Julie’s making the cuts, things will be a little different. “She asks the potential husbands-to-be to ‘hold her box,'” says Marino, explaining, “It’s a ring box with a little flame in it.” One thing will stay the same, though — makeout sessions aplenty. “When you are the center of attention and there are a bunch of guys competing for you, sooner or later, lips are going to fall into each other,” he teases, then adds with a laugh, “The guys are going to get their hands around her box.”

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