By Erin Strecker
Updated December 02, 2012 at 05:27 PM EST
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It’s Britney’s birthday, y’all. The pop songstress turned reality television judge celebrates the big 31 today. Wowza. It seems like only yesterday that she was reminding us how not-so-innocent a teenager she was. Obviously, in terms of drama, it also feels like she’s lived about eight lifetimes. But 2012 was an upswing for her. She’s on The X Factor, has a new song with, and on the personal life front, is still engaged. You go, girl!

In honor of Brit’s big day, we rounded up four (3+1) of our favorite Spears music videos from over the years…including one I’m betting you non-superfans have forgotten about. Check out the dancing — and the signature syrup-y sweet vocals — below:


Obviously, you’ve got to start off with one of her most famous tracks. This video had everything: Sexy Britney, wig changes, that famous nude bedazzled bodysuit — not to mention a killer dance tune to start with. Just try and listen and not get the weirdly sexual airplane fun stuck in your head all over again.

(You Drive Me) Crazy:

For me, this is the best dancing for a music video she’s ever done. While “…Baby One More Time” gets all of the early-years attention, it’s in this video that Spears really shows how well she can move. Plus: Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier make a cameo. The late nineties! What’s not to love?


Another underappreciated gem. A great kiss-off to a lame boyfriend, this powerful track is Britney at her best. The video — where she dons an all-black ensemble and has more chemistry with a chair than many have with their lame-o college boyfriends — shows why when Britney is on, she’s simply one of the best pop stars out there.

Someday (I Will Understand):

I bet some of you all have never even heard this ballad! When pregnant with her first child (and still married to good ol’ K-Fed) Britney released this contemplative slower track. Come for the natural-ish hair, stay for how surprisingly sweet the message is.

Happy 31st birthday, Brit! What are y’alls favorite Britney videos? “Lucky”? “Womanizer”? Something else?

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