The talented folks we honored are all pop culture fanatics. Here they declare their choices for entertainers of the year.

By EW Staff
Updated November 30, 2012 at 05:00 AM EST
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Kerry Washington picks Big Bird

E L James picks Joss Whedon
”I would follow Joss Whedon on anything. I’m a huge Firefly fan. Not so much Buffy, but Firefly …. And [this year] a huge standout for me was The Cabin in the Woods.”

Anne Hathaway picks The kids from Moonrise Kingdom

”I was so charmed and moved and felt so nostalgic. And I loved that they weren’t professional actors. Those kids have it figured out.”

Claire Danes picks Lena Dunham and Louis C.K.
”I love Girls and I love Louie. Those two are my favorite shows, and they’re kind of a happy, demented couple.”

Lena Dunham picks Katy Perry
”From exposing her [creative] process to campaigning for Barack Obama, she’s just an unusually delightful specimen.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt picks Wirrow
”He’s the artist who started the Tiny Stories collaboration [on my website], but he’s also a musician, a writer, a poet, an animator, and just a brilliant guy.”

fun.’s Andrew Dost picks Steve Carrell

Channing Tatum picks Jamie Foxx
”That guy can act, sing, write, make you laugh, make you cry.”

Gillian Flynn picks Jonah Hill
21 Jump Street was probably my happiest movie experience in the last couple of years. Even his voting-advocacy ad that he did with Leonardo DiCaprio — I was giggling my entire way through that. I dig that cat.”

Jennifer Lawrence picks Bradley Cooper
”I saw him on set [for Silver Linings Playbook] and I remember thinking, ‘He’s perfect for this role.’ But then I saw the movie and he just broke my heart. He blew me away.”

Max Greenfield picks Bill Hader

Key & Peele pick Barack Obama
Jordan Peele ”He’s a funny guy. He dropped some really good lines on us, like, ‘Check this out: I do a pretty good impression of myself!’ That was a good one.”
Keegan-Michael Key ”And you absolutely have to laugh when he says a joke — or else you get a red dot on your forehead.”

Julian Fellowes picks Skyfall‘s Naomie Harris
”She’s Britain’s new movie star, really, and I’m terribly pleased about that because I always thought she had the right stuff.”

Ben Affleck picks Tom Brady
”The greatest entertainer of the year and the man who’s going to entertain us into next year is, of course, [New England Patriots quarterback] Tom Brady. Put that motherf—er on the cover!”

Moonrise Kingdom

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  • Wes Anderson