Manu Bennett
Credit: Calypso Paolo and Juan Mon

Crixus is coming to Arrow!

Spartacus fan favorite Manu Bennett has been cast in a major role in The CW’s breakout superhero drama.

Bennett, best known as Sparty’s right-hand man and sometimes adversary on the Starz action series, is playing Slade Wilson on Arrow.

For fans of the Green Arrow comics, that character is a big one. In the comics, Wilson eventually becomes a major villain in the franchise — Deathstroke (whom we’ve already seen briefly in a flashback, masked, played by another actor). Like with the question of if/when Laurel Lance will become the Black Canary, sources won’t comment on whether Wilson will become Deathstroke, an insider simply said, “You’ll just have to keep watching Arrow.”

Here’s what we can tell you: As seen in flashbacks, Slade Wilson and Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) will form an uneasy alliance on the island of Lian Yu.

The buffed-out Bennett will make for a potentially physically worthy adversary for star Amell on the series, which has been on a strong casting streak lately. John Barrowman has been a welcome addition, and Jessica De Gouw showed some compelling chemistry with Amell this week.

Bennett is currently committed to appearing in multiple episodes of the show. He will also appear in the upcoming final season of Spartacus, and has a role as an orc chieftain in The Hobbit. Arrow airs Wednesdays on The CW.