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Well, nerds, the time has finally come.

No, it's not quite Anna Howard Shaw Day, but Liz is getting married tonight on 30 Rock, which means adios – finally – to many of her "truly terrible" boyfriends. Never having to deal with Mr. Settling or The Beeper King again? We'll high-five a million angels in her honor. Check out the round-up of exes below, and then vote and tell us which one was truly the worst of all.

1. Dennis Duffy a.k.a The Beeper King a.k.a The Subway Hero (Dean Winters)

Low Point: Finding out that Dennis had also slept with Jenna. Dennis still has time to be the absolute worst. Reportedly, Dennis will be making one final appearance in Liz's life/the show tonight.

Dealbreaker video:

2. Floyd (Jason Sudeikis)

Low Point: Floyd was actually pretty great. This one is on you, Liz. Or Other Liz? Cleveland would have never been your scene, but singing at his wedding is still one of your most tragic moments. (And that is really saying something)

Dealbreaker video:

3. Wesley Snipes (No, not that one!) (Michael Sheen)

Low Point: Being so fine with settling. He wanted to be her settling soulmate!

Dealbreaker video:

4. Dr. Drew Baird (Jon Hamm)

Low Point: Speaking fake French and then saying he's choosing to live in The Bubble. Also, when he lost his hands.

Dealbreaker video:

5. Carol Burnett (Matt Damon)

Low Point: Airplane fight. Also, so much crying.

Dealbreaker video:

This list doesn't even count the men that Liz had a single date with – some of those were quite brutal as well (No judgment for James Franco/Kimiko-tan, though!) But which one is worst of all? Vote below.

Liz, from all of us here at PopWatch, can we just say:  Congratulations! May Criss make you as happy as Astronaut Mike Dexter would have.

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