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The CW’s Wonder Woman prequel project is taking another step toward becoming a possible series.

Studio Warner Bros. has hired a casting director for the project and is preparing to send out a casting notice for the starring role. As previously announced, the project is titled Amazon and it “looks at the teenage years of the heroine who will become Wonder Woman.”

Normally casting doesn’t happen until after a project has received at least a pilot order — and Amazon, to be clear, does not. But a project like this so hinges on the lead role, perhaps the network and studio want to see some potential actors before deciding whether to pull the trigger (or they’re so confident it will receive a pilot order, they want to get a jump start on the casting process vs. competing pilot season projects).

Given the success of Arrow this fall, The CW must be tempted to add another DC Comics character to the lineup as a potential companion series. Just remember, however, we’ve been down this road before. Previously, NBC developed a Wonder Woman series last year starring Adrianne Palicki, but despite some photos that made us TV bloggers very happy, the project never made it past the pilot stage.

What do you think? Who should be cast as Wonder Woman — this time?

UPDATE: Looks like Deadline obtained the official casting breakdown, which has more details. The character’s name is Iris (5’8″ or above) and she comes from a secluded country where she was raised as a solider in a brutal environment. Now a stranger in a strange modern big city, she’s “a fierce warrior with the innocent heart of a romantic ­ and she will fight to the death to make the world safe.”

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