By Bronwyn Barnes
November 29, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST
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Sheldon’s taste in T-shirts and Howard’s collection of belt buckles — we got answers to a few burning Big Bang Theory fashion questions earlier this fall.

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We know that Sheldon Cooper isn’t crazy (his mother had him tested) but he is maddeningly particular about, well, everything. Costume designer Mary T. Quigley explained the logic behind Sheldon’s sartorial choices when she gave EW’s own Adam Vary a guided tour of the Big Bang wardrobe closet.

“I try to get into Sheldon’s mind a little bit,” Quigley said. “I don’t believe that he has a closet the size of a mansion. Even though he has a collection of T-shirts and specific things that he will wear and what he won’t wear, I like to repeat them.”

When she does decide to add a new T to Sheldon’s wardrobe, where does Quigley shop? And why does Sheldon only own one pair of shoes?

Watch the video below to find out.

For Simon Helberg, getting into character as Howard Wolowitz often involves squeezing into super-skinny jeans, and for that he has Quigley to thank.

“He’s much more of a fashionista [than Sheldon and the other guys],” Quigley says. “Luckily, I have an actor who really believes in ‘in character’ and is willing to put the tight pants on, and feels comfortable doing it.”

So, what’s with Howard’s extensive collection of belt buckles? And where does Quigley dig them up?

Watch the video below to find out.

Quigley says she puts just as much thought into what the clothes say about the leading ladies of The Big Bang Theory.

For example, while Amy Farrah Fowler has experimented with high heels and red nail polish, we shouldn’t expect to see her get a full-blown image makeover any time soon. Her approach to fashion is “very similar to Sheldon, about function and form,” Quigley says. “I also have linked the connection to her mother… [Amy’s] been trained to dress a certain way that’s acceptable.”

How has Leonard had a positive effect on Penny’s closet? And why does Bernadette’s look prove that she’s a lot like Wolowitz’s mother?

Watch the video below to find out.

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