By James Hibberd
Updated November 28, 2012 at 06:15 PM EST
Neat Freaks

We have cable TV to thank for entertaining us with so many unique personality disorders. What’s next? Neat Freaks!

Not sure I even need to describe this show. The title effectively describes itself. But here goes: TLC’s Neat Freaks aren’t just compulsive about cleaning their own houses. They’ll clean public bathrooms and city buses and stranger’s homes.

You can only imagine what their own haunts look like. One person profiled spends 8 to 10 hours per day “scrubbing down every inch of her home and hyperventilates at the thought of anyone stepping inside it.” Another “is afraid of germs and sprays everything in his home and on his body with hydrogen peroxide … he even insists on spraying down his dates before being intimate.”

The project follows up on a popular cable trend. We’ve met cheapskates (TLC’s Extreme Couponing, Extreme Cheapskates), hoarders (A&E’s Hoarders, TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive), garden variety OCDs (TLC’s My Crazy Obsession) and good ‘ol fashioned addicts (A&E’s Intervention, TLC’s Addicted). Neat Freaks is sort of like the anti-Hoarders.

Like Extreme Couponing and other projects, TLC is airing Neat Freaks as a one-hour special to gauge viewer interest before committing to a series. Check it out on Wednesday, Dec. 5 at 10 p.m.