By Mandi Bierly
November 28, 2012 at 04:41 PM EST
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After a week off, ABC’s Nashville returns tonight (10 p.m. ET). While the promo doesn’t show what Gunnar is up to, we got a juicy tease from actor Sam Palladio. “Gunnar is officially with Hailey now, and that relationship is a sort of passion project,” he says, with a laugh. “It’s him wanting to assert himself. ‘I can do it. Look at me. I’ve got a girlfriend, too, Scarlett.’ He’s a single man, and he’s not gonna be standing in the corner waiting and pining for somebody who’s not showing any love back.”

But Gunnar may have second thoughts when Hailey (Chloe Bennet) takes freshly-scorn Scarlett (Clare Bowen) on a night out, and Scarlett shows up looking like a million bucks. “Gunnar’s starting this relationship with Hailey, and she’s cool, she’s awesome, and then it’s the sudden moment of, man, but she’s not quite this girl,” Palladio says, laughing again.

Palladio doesn’t sing in the episode (we’ll get to hear him next week), but he says Bowen does, and that it’s a tune we’ll all recognize. “It’s an awesome, awesome moment,” he says. “We find a very much single Scarlett having fun in a local Nashville bar, and Gunnar not liking it too much and getting a little jealous of this male attention she’s getting — which most definitely pisses Hailey off.”

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