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November 28, 2012 at 02:30 PM EST

5. Mena Suvari

The American Pie and American Beauty star appeared briefly in the season two episode, “Danger Boy,” as one of two girls on an Eric/Shawn double-date that Cory wasn’t invited on. Bonus: Not-even-a-bit-ironic nineties cropped top fashion.

4. Shane West

Standing in the way between Cory and Topanga? New boyfriend West a.k.a. Nick, prior to roles on E.R. and A Walk To Remember (Start at 12:05).

3. Fred Savage

Sure, this was after he was already famous, but we couldn’t resist throwing Ben Savage’s big brother up on this list. In a total 180 from his Wonder Years days, Savage played a professor at the gang’s college who makes a move on Topanga. Who knew Kevin Arnold could be so sleazy?

2. Keri Russell

In the seventh episode of the series, way back in 1993, Russell guest-starred as Mr. Feeny’s niece Jessica whom Eric develops a crush on (Start at 11:10).

1. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Party of Five star Hewitt spoofed herself — and Scream — in one very creepy season five episode (Start at 4:00).

What are your favorite appearances?

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