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Next year’s Star Trek sequel has been kept tightly under wraps in the J.J. Abrams Sphere of Secrecy, but Paramount just released an official plot summary for the movie that is guaranteed to whet your brain-appetite. The synopsis is totes abstract in vintage Abrams form, but it nevertheless features some teasing mega-hints about the film… and about the still-unannounced villain, played by cerebral sex guru Benedict Cumberbatch. Check out the official synopsis below:

Some bullet points to ponder, with completely off-the-cuff theories:

“From within their own organization” — So somebody in Starfleet has turned traitor? That’s a pretty bold departure for the series, considering that the general tendency in most of Trek lore is to portray the galactic peacekeeping force as a well-oiled machine. (Though there are exceptions. I.e., traitorous pointy-eared Kim Cattrall in The Undiscovered Country.)

“Detonated the fleet and everything it stands for” — We’re going post-apocalyptic! Except in space!

“With a personal score to settle” — The Kirk of the Rebootverse only had one score to settle, and he settled it pretty effectively in 2009’s Star Trek. Will this “personal score” blend some of the history of the original Star Trek series with the new continuity? It will have been four years between movies, technically longer than the original series ran for. Perhaps Kirk and the gang will have embarked on various adventures that will come into play in Into Darkness.

“A one man weapon of mass destruction” — Clearly Cumberbatch. This description could run along with rumors that Cumberbatch is playing Khan Noonien Singh, a genetic superman. Or that could also describe plenty of other villains in the original series. Charlie X? Harry Mudd? Okay, probably not Harry Mudd.

“Epic chess game of life and death” — Oh god, I hope that Cumberbatch actually says that exact phrase in the movie.

“Love will be challenged” — Spock and Uhura are going to have relationship problems.

“Friendships will be torn apart” — Kirk and McCoy are going to have friendship problems.

“Sacrifices must be made” — Somebody on the supporting cast is going to die. Probably Chekhov. Maybe McCoy. Definitely not Scotty. Hopefully not Sulu. Or maybe just whoever Alice Eve is playing. Death in franchises: So hot right now.

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