By Darren Franich
Updated November 27, 2012 at 05:36 PM EST
Ron Phillips

The internet feels like such a cold and empty place without any Batman movie rumors. Fortunately, HitFix posted a report late last night that is at once totally crazy and entirely plausible. According to the site, Joseph Gordon-Levitt — who played John Blake, a.k.a. Twist-Ending Robin, in The Dark Knight Rises — is already set to play Batman in the still-evolving superteam film Justice League. Moreover, reporter Drew McWeeny claims that Gordon-Levitt might be appearing in Man of Steel for a quick continuity cameo, à la Downey Jr. in Incredible Hulk.

The news is surprising for a few reasons, not least because the Dark Knight trilogy seemed like a complete saga hermetically sealed in a non-superpowered reality. Then again, DC Comics does have a history of passing superhero mantles through various secret identities — even Bruce Wayne hasn’t always been Batman. And Christopher Nolan is producing Man of Steel. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt didn’t explicitly turn down the idea of starring in Justice League when asked by Hitfix over the summer. And and and…

Well, when contacted by EW, a representative for Joseph Gordon-Levitt declares the report entirely false. Fair enough. But keep in mind, this could all be a big Nolanesque con to obscure the real truth: That Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been playing Alberto Falcone all along.

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