By Breia Brissey
November 26, 2012 at 06:00 PM EST

The Uprising, the follow-up to Lisa M. Stasse’s super-addictive The Forsaken, doesn’t hit shelves until August 2013. But EW can exclusively reveal the cover today. Here’s what Stasse had to say about the cover: “I was really excited when I saw the cover for The Uprising. It’s a little different from The Forsaken, but it still has the same mysterious, edgy sci-fi feel. I’m totally in love with Lizzy Bromley’s work. She designed the cover, and a great British artist named Dan Mountford took the photos for it. Much like The Forsaken, there are a lot of hidden secrets in the cover art. It will probably have more resonance for readers once they’ve read the book.”

As for what to expect in The Uprising, Stasse says it’s much more epic than The Forsaken. “I wanted to work on a bigger canvas, so this time around, the rebels travel the globe in their effort to recapture Prison Island Alpha, free their friends, and uncover the mysteries that haunt them so much. There are new tribes, new rebel bases, new battles, new creepy machines—and a bunch of plot twists too. Alenna gets tested in every way possible, and some of the people she trusts and loves the most turn out to have their own agendas and terrifying secrets.”

Are you excited about The Uprising? And who do you think the guy  is on the cover: Liam or David? Sound off in the comments.

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