By James Hibberd
November 26, 2012 at 04:30 PM EST

Returning after a short break, Once Upon a Time perked back up in the ratings Sunday night, but the same cannot be said for fellow ABC dramas Revenge and 666 Park Avenue.

Once Upon bounced 11 percent since its last airing two weeks ago to deliver 8.8 million viewers and a 3.0 rating among adults 18-49 last night, which makes the show the evening’s highest-rated drama. But Revenge slipped 12 percent to a season low despite its lead-in rising, and dead-drama-walking 666 was steady.

CBS’ lineup, tentative due to some sports overrun, was largely unchanged, except for The Mentalist perking up 29 percent from last week’s low number (when it aired around 11 p.m. thanks to football). Fox’s comedies got some boost from some NFL overrun early in the evening– particularly The Simpsons which for got to beat out usual winner Family Guy for the lineup’s top spot. Obviously NBC won the night with Sunday Night Football, but those Green Bay vs. N.Y. Giants ratings are very preliminary since morning ratings for live telecasts aren’t yet time-zone-adjusted by Nielsen.

More to come…


7:00P NFL OVERRUN #1t 6.7 18,766
7:30P NFL OVERRUN/OT #3t 5.3 13,908
8:00P SIMPSONS #5 3.3 7,527
8:30P BOBS BURGR #12 2.0 4,728
9:00P FAMILY GUY #7t 2.8 5,758
9:30P CLEVELAND S #13t 1.9 4,317
ABC 7-8P AMR-VIDEOS #17 1.6 6,579
8-9P ONCE-TIME #6 3.0 8,760
9-10P REVENGE #10t 2.2 6,800
10-11P 666 PARK #18 1.2 3,961
CBS 7-8P NFL/60 MINUTES #10t 2.2 12,197
8-9P AMAZG RACE #9 2.5 9,876
9-10P GOOD WIFE #16 1.7 9,515
10-11P MENTALIST #15 1.8 10,282
NBC 7:00P FTBL-P1SUS #13t 1.9 6,013
7:30P FTBL NT-P2 #7t 2.8 8,129
8:00P FTBL NT-P3 #3t 5.3 15,658
830-11P PACKRS&GIANTS #1t 6.7 18,459