Life Size
Credit: ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

Show me your 100 watt smile, Millennial nostalgia hounds!

The Disney Channel has confirmed to EW that it’s currently developing a sequel to Life-Size, the 2000 TV movie that starred a young, fresh-faced Lindsay Lohan as a lonely girl who accidentally brings a Barbie-like doll (played by Tyra Banks) to life. Banks is on board to reprise her role as Eve, the toy-turned-mother-figure; she’ll executive produce the sequel as well. And yes, Life-Size 2 will also feature a new version of “Be a Star,” the inspirational song Banks’s character sang in the first film.

Banks and the Mouse have been thick as thieves lately. Earlier this year, the supermodel guest starred on Disney Channel’s Shake It Up; she’s also developing a primetime series about her teenage years for ABC. The program is called Fivehead, a reference to Tyra’s famously robust forehead.

There’s no word yet on whether Lohan will show up for the sequel as well — but considering those scathing Liz & Dick reviews, the actress might welcome an opportunity to take shelter in Mickey’s arms.

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