By Erin Strecker
Updated November 26, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST

Joe Manganiello is extremely attractive.

That seemed to be the central idea of Monday night’s How I Met Your Mother, the second in Manganiello’s two-parter that had Marshall’s law firm suing a pharmaceutical company being defended by Marshall’s one-time law school bro, Brad.

The episode was told via flashback, much like an episode last season that had Robin recounting to her therapist why she was ordered there. In this case, Marshall was explaining to the New York State Judiciary Committee why he was in front of them – and we were led to believe that it was because of inappropriate courtroom behavior with Brad.

But, it turns out, Brad was the one with the inappropriate courtroom behavior. It seems everyone’s favorite Bro Who Brunches took a page from the Elle Woods handbook, and thought he could Bend and Snap his way into a ‘Not Guilty’ verdict. And with 12 Angry Men 12 Horny Women on the jury, he would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for that meddling Marshall.

Marshall had a plan up his sleeve, or rather, under Brad’s shirt. After debating back and forth whether Frog Lake had pesticides that were killing all the animals – an argument Denier Brad seemed to be winning, due to his “evidence”: A self-made video of a shirtless Brad lounging in the lake, along with the phrase “Frog Lake” written in marker on his huge, unclothed biceps. (Note to the producers: Way to take a cue from True Blood!) But then Marshall noticed Brad scratching his chest, and ordered him to the stand to testify. After Marshall showed the rash on Brad’s chest, Marshall declared that Brad had acute dermatitis, a result of the dumping of the pharmaceuticals in the lake. Marshall won the case, but the small payout made him re-evaluate whether being a lawyer was the best way to effect change (and impress his in-the-future preteen son).

After a final heart-to-heart with a newly soulful Brad, we were back in the room full of judges, with Marshall explaining that what he really wanted now was to be a judge. He won’t get a decision for a few months – plenty of time for one final brunch with Brad.

In other plots, the gang debated who was the biggest teenage bada**, before ultimately deciding it was none of them (save for kindergarten teacher Lily), and Barney and Robin danced around fake normalcy after their passionate, drunken kiss last week.

The duo went from over-the-top pleasantries to an honest conversation at the bar where Barney told her he wasn’t going to go after her anymore, and that he was finally done with all of this romantic craziness. He seemed to be rather honest, but when he got up to get another drink (and to make a comment about another woman’s chest) it was clear that Robin surprised herself, and discovered she wasn’t quite OK with Barney declaring he was done with her. “Huh,” she said.

We obviously know the duo aren’t over – I wonder how long their so-called truce will last, and who will be the one to end it and declare their real feelings for the final time. Right now, my money is on Robin taking the next step.

Top Lines:

“I’m worried about planet Earth’s futch!” -Brad

“Johnny Law was not a fan of Teddy Westside.” –Ted

“If we needed help in the bedroom, which I don’t.” -Brad

“Nicest Most Well-Behaved Hotel Guest Ever trophy.” –Robin’s Canadian hotel trophy (Bonus: Robin Sparkles sighting!)

“Seriously, thanks, for giving my soul a little redempsh.” -Brad

“Come on in! Water’s fine!” –Brad, begging the question: Is there anything shirtless Manganiello couldn’t get you to do?

Did you like Barney’s speech to Robin? What about Marshall’s future as a judge? Anyone else interested in a little more info about Barney’s Magic Enthusiast Club? Happy to see Bro Brad go, or would you have liked to see one more brunch?

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