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During a recent sit-down with the developers of Hitman: Absolution—the latest entry in the long-running, throat-slitting series—the game-makers claimed their titular life-taker could snuff out a single target in 10 different ways. As anyone who’s gotten behind the guns and garotte of bar-coded badass Agent 47 already knows, slaying with style to spare is the master assassin’s specialty. Still, siphoning the life from the same target using nearly a dozen different methods seemed like a tall order even for the most skilled contract killer.

With this in mind, I asked Hitman‘s handlers at IO Interactive to offer proof of 47’s diverse death-dealing ways. They not only accepted the challenge, but provided pics of the cold blooded killer doing what he does best. In the following photos, Agent 47 executes his mark—a mid-level mob thug from the game’s Chicago Chinatown-based mission—using 10 separate silent and/or violent strategies. Armchair assassins looking to forge their own creative kill spree will want to set their sites on Absolution, stalking retail shelves now.

Assassin math: Chinatown = food vendors = easy access to carving knives.

A sniper rifle found in a nearby apartment allows 47 to finish the job from afar.

NEXT: Poison his coffee?

Patient players can poison food and wait for the hungry thug to try a sample.

If you can’t wait for the target to satiate his appetite for sushi, spike his coffee instead.

NEXT: Collateral damage

A less subtle strategy sees 47 blowing up his mark while he visits his drug dealer.

If collateral damage isn’t a concern, a car bomb planted in the target’s ride will do the trick.

NEXT: “Encourage” the target

Something as simple as “encouraging” the target to take a tumble down the stairs also works.

Disguised as the scumbag’s drug dealer, 47 can lure him back to his apartment and take him out.

NEXT: Garottes and skull crushing

Traditionalists can break out a good old fashioned garotte for a silent kill in a secluded spot.

Dropping a skull-crushing scrap on the mark as he relieves himself is as effective as it is undignified.

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