Please do not adjust your computer screen. You are, in fact, seeing a photo that looks an awful lot like a shirtless Chris Brown lying facedown on Rihanna’s bed. How do we know it’s Rihanna’s bed? Because the star posted the photo to Instagram on Saturday, accompanying it with this caption: “Dis n–……. #BartObsessed.” (Note the image of Bart Simpson under the dude’s head.)

Rihanna couldn’t have been paying attention to Brown’s Twitter page this weekend, considering Brown spent a good chunk of time Sunday getting into a vulgar tweetspat with writer/comedian Jenny Johnson. (Johnson, by her own admission, has made a hobby out of poking fun at Brown via Twitter.)

Brown’s side of the exchange isn’t online anymore, since he apparently deleted his Twitter page after the brawl. Still, Johnson’s retweets show the progression of their argument, from instigation to culmination. Warning: This language isn’t really safe for anywhere.

Shortly before erasing his account, Brown mocked Johnson for “run[ning for support]” — “Lol. Ur a comedic writer!!! If u can take a d–k, u can take a joke” — and issued his checkmate move: “Just ask Rihanna if she mad??????”

Siiiiiigh. In other news, rereading this article might make us all feel a little better.

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