When the actor, 43, isn't slaying flesh-chomping zombies as the terrifically taciturn Daryl on ''The Walking Dead'' (AMC, Sundays, 9 p.m.), he's digging deep into rock — and maybe having a Molly Ringwald moment

By Kyle Anderson
November 23, 2012 at 05:00 AM EST

The Black Angels, ”The First Vietnamese War”
”I kept putting this on my iPod and passing it over to [costar] Andy [Lincoln] before shooting really violent, desperate scenes. It’s so heartfelt and sort of described what we were shooting at the time, getting into that prison and what people had to go through. It really felt like us.”

Psychadelic Furs, ”Love my Way”
”This is my feel-good song. If I have a hard day or a sad day or an overly aggressive day, I turn it on. I’ve been a huge Psychedelic Furs fan for a long time; I like all their songs. I’ll even crank ‘Pretty in Pink,’ I don’t care. Hell, yeah, I like ‘Pretty in Pink’!”

Motorhead, ”Ace of Spades”
”This is just a ‘get on my motorcycle and wreck s—‘ song. I think that should be the Daryl theme song. That and ‘In the Year of the Wolf.”’

Soft Moon, ”Circles”
”When I get to my trailer in the morning, someone will hand me two giant cups of coffee, and this is always the first song I put on. It’s so heavy. I’m nothing like Daryl, but I try to get myself into gear with it.”

The Stooges, ”1969”
”When it’s hot and sunny, crank it really loud in your apartment. I was born in 1969, so that’s my little secret thing. I think everybody wants to be Iggy Pop when they grow up.”