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Updated November 22, 2012 at 03:00 PM EST
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This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for Downton Abbey‘s imminent return to television in the States. Yes, Jan. 6 is still a few weeks away, but I can’t wait to see whether Matthew (Dan Stevens) and Mary (Michelle Dockery) actually walk down the aisle — they really need to, I couldn’t take another breakup — and what brand of American sass Shirley MacLaine brings with her across the pond. Plus, on a more sappy note, the series spawned a regular Sunday night Masterpiece viewing/wine-drinking party with a group of friends that is priceless to me.

I’ve also polled my EW colleagues to ask what they are most grateful for pop culture wise this turkey day. See what they said below!

Hillary Busis: I’m thankful for the unusually high number of Dad Movies currently playing in theaters. Between Lincoln, Life of Pi, Skyfall, and Flight, my father, my brother and I have no shortage of crowd-pleasing options to choose from; the only thing that’s missing is a World War II flick about heroic Jews.

Kristen Baldwin: Key & Peele‘s “East/West College Bowl” sketch. I’ve probably watched it 25 times, but the way the names get progressively more ridiculous (Hingle McCringleberry! D’Glester Hardunkichud!) never fails to make me cry with laughter.

Erin Strecker: I’m thankful The Mindy Project is so fun. I thought I could never love someone as much as Kelly Kapoor, but then I met unlucky-in-love Dr. Lahiri. On a related note, I’m thankful Chris Messina was in so many projects this year.

Mandi Bierly: I’m currently thankful for the promo for next week’s Sons of Anarchy episode. It had me yelling and laughing, like Jax, Chibs, Tig, and Happy were after they survived that crash rolling down the mountain this week. This free-fall feeling is exhilarating. My mother, whose home I’m at for Thanksgiving, shouted from two rooms away to find out what was happening. That’s good TV. And again, this was only the promo. I’m also thankful for the way Daniel Craig wears a suit in Skyfall.

Solvej Schou: I’m thankful for actresses and actors such as Jennifer Lawrence and John Hawkes who jump into portraying mentally ill (Lawrence) and physically disabled (Hawkes) characters on film as emotional, funny, well rounded people — hallelujah. I’m also thankful for Joss Whedon’s writing in The Avengers, the all-out creepiness of American Horror Story: Asylum, this season of Fringe being set in the future (with Joshua Jackson slowly but surely turning into a glassy-eyed Observer), the realistic, totally grotesque zombie makeup on The Walking Dead instead of just CGI, and Cloud Atlas being over-the-top, unapologetically ambitious sci-fi (not to mention the fact that Halle Berry’s transformed into an old wrinkled man in it — who knew).

Laura Hertzfeld: I am a major musical theater geek, but I live in Los Angeles, where we have to wait and wait and wait or fly 5 hours and wait and wait to see the latest shows. Don’t get me wrong, LA theater has a lot going for it, but seeing the newest Broadway shows is not one of them. So this year I’m thankful that The Book of Mormon finally started its national tour here. With a cast mostly made up of former Broadway original cast members, it was the hottest ticket in town. I’d tried and failed to see the Trey Parker/Matt Stone show numerous times on trips to New York over the past 18 months, but to no avail. L.A. was a different story. Sure tickets were tough to come by, but they weren’t too pricey if you planned ahead and the Pantages, right at Hollywood and Vine, is a fun and historic spot to see a show. The nearly three months that Book of Mormon graced the LA stage were some of the most fun for L.A. theater in recent memory. I saw the show twice and loved every minute of it. Hasa Diga Eebowai!

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?


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