Is “Doom and Gloom” Mick Jagger’s own riff on “American Idiot”? Thanks to lyrics about costly overseas wars, class conflict, and “fracking deep for oil,” the Stones’ latest single sounds like it was co-written by an Occupy Wall Street protester, despite its British pedigree.

The song’s new music video — featuring a gloomy Noomi Rapace, at one point literally “sitting in the dirt” and “feeling kind of hurt” — reinforces that idea, though it augments war footage and an ironic American Flag with whimsical images that bring the song’s lyrics to life. If you’ve ever wanted to watch Lisbeth Salander fight off a horde of Cajun zombies or face some serious side effects after downing too much fast food, this is the video for you.

Want to catch the Stones live? Those who live on the East Coast might be in luck — Mick, Keith, Charlie, and Ronnie are playing shows in Brooklyn and New Jersey in December to celebrate the band’s 50th anniversary. GRRR!, the band’s new greatest hits collection, dropped last Tuesday.

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