Fifth time’s the charm?

Though Paranormal Activity 4 underperformed with critics, with audiences — who gave it a “C,” according to CinemaScore — and at the box office, another installment of the found-footage franchise was inevitable. Earlier this fall, Paramount announced that Paranormal Activity 5 would bow sometime next October, and that a Spanish PA spinoff was in the works as well. Though the studio hasn’t released any more information about Actividad Sobrenatural, it did just reveal that PA 5 will arrive in theaters just in time for Halloween — on October 25, 2013, to be precise.

Could this be the final English language Paranormal Activity film? While that will depend on how well PA 5 performs, audiences shouldn’t bet on it; after all, Saw IV‘s underwhelming performance among audiences worldwide was on par with Paranormal Activity 4‘s, but Lionsgate still ended up making three more Saw films. As long as the next movie doesn’t completely crash and burn, we can probably expect plenty more Paranormal Activity for Halloweens to come.

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