Whatever foods you plan on gorging on this week, it’s got nothing on what Lady Gaga’s been getting into.

Mother Monster has released yet another teaser clip for her upcoming, Terry Richardson-shot “Cake” video, and this one’s even wilder than the last. Stripped down to her skivvies, Gaga hits the floor and wallows in a large mess of cake, suggestively licking and grinding into the innocent frosting. And like the previous teaser, it features a quick shot of the star getting jiggy with it in a hot tub.

Take a look at the vaguely NSFW (or not safe for your parent’s house, if that’s the case) teaser in the video below:

As we’ve mentioned before, Gaga’s prepping her next album ARTPOP for an undetermined 2013 release date. And if all these “Cake” high jinks are a preview of what the record’s publicity cycle will look like, it should be an interesting year.

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