One of the greatest compliments you can give to Justin Robert’s Lullaby is that it sounds just like a Justin Roberts album. Which is to say, the lyrics will break your heart with their poignancy and the music will make you celebrate that there are such exceptional artists making songs for children these days. What better way to drift off to sleep than with a song about a protective polar bear (”No, I won’t hibernate away in my lair if I hear you calling out for your polar bear”) or a counting-sheep song with beautifully dreamy images (”Picture this, a night sky/ green field, moon high/ soft breeze pure love/ bare feet, stars above”)? Other favorites include ”No matter how far,” which is as tender a love song as I’ve heard (no surprise it’s dedicated to Robert’s wife Chris) and ”A Wild One,” an homage to Where the Wild Things Are. The only problem with this collection is that if your kid has any taste, he or she won’t want to go to sleep until the very last note. A