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Janie Face To Face

Janie Face to Face

Twenty years ago, Caroline B. Cooney published The Face on the Milk Carton, the gripping tale of a teenage girl who recognizes her own face on the back of a milk carton. This January, the fifth and final installment of the Janie Johnson series will hit shelves thirteen long years after the release of its predecessor What Janie Found. Can’t wait until January? Well, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’ve got an exclusive trailer to ease your ache.

After failing to bring her kidnapper to justice in What Janie Found, Janie returns for one last go-round in Janie Face to Face. Will Hannah finally pay for taking Janie all those years ago? Will Janie and Reeve live happily ever after? Check out the exclusive trailer for Janie Face to Face below:

Are you excited for more Janie Johnson? Or is the ending bittersweet?

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Janie Face to Face
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