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Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week,’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and stunning awkwardness. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!


“At the beginning of Kelly and Val’s rumba, the dance floor looked like Planet Mirrorballus from that aerial shot. You could even see the glitter that composes Mirrorballus’ atmosphere.” —Wiltasaurus, endorsed by Colleen

“I nominate an MVG – Val and Kelly danced inside a flaming mirrorball!” —Rachael

“Round floor fixture looks like one of those orange slice candies.” —DonnaW

“Once when the camera was focused on the floor from above, the circular orange light looked just like a pumpkin pie! How nice to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving….” —Tay

“One of the troupe ladies’ costumes flew up and covered her entire face (and head?) for quite a few seconds. She couldn’t exactly stop and pull it away – it was very awkward (and funny of course). ” —Iris

“It gave her the air of a scantily clad Arabian princess who owns every MJ record ever.” —Mee Dee

“There was a man peeking out between Tom and Brooke after the troupe dance, and they all seemed to morph into a three headed host.” —kfran

Right after the troupe’s opening dance, when Tom was talking, the woman next to him was staring through the camera into my soul. And no, not BBC, the other one.” —DocRules

“The hat left by the troupe on the ballroom floor looked so lonely as it was passed by the couples during the intro, almost wistful.” —kfran, endorsed by Anthony, GlitterGal

“Was Tony wearing pink legwarmers? Perhaps an homage to Edyta?” —DarkLordofDance, endorsed by Colleen, BV

“Animated T-Rex looked like it was hacking up a hairball.” —Electronic_Neko, endorsed by Fridgedancer, duranmom, BV, Rifag

“Honest to God, that CGI dinosaur was legitimately amazing, even if cheesy. Kudos to the special effects department for reanimating an extinct creature to appear on Mirrorballus. Or is it that dinosaurs never did die there?” —Wiltasaurus

“Obviously the most valuable gem this week is that they’re actually playing Michael’s songs and not murdering them!! (The dinosaur had been waiting around, just in case…)” —Cindy

NEXT PAGE: All cavemen eat Fruity Pebbles before doing the Hustle

“And then on the video screen behind the band there was a prehistoric mirrorball!” —Cindy

“I see that the Well Behaved Bonfire is back.” —DonnaW

“The ‘Caveman Hustle’ floor looked like Fruity Pebbles!” —kellen, endorsed by duranmom, Wiltasaurus, kfran

“Of course cavewomen had bejeweled bones during Mirrorballus’s Paleolithic era. I wonder if fire or fringe was discovered first?” —orville1970, endorsed by DonnaW, Wiltasaurus, Bone Tie Fairy, Kevin M. Kawa

“We’ll have to ask our Fringe Fairy Annie, but my money is on rhinestones.” —DonnaW

Sorry all — no sparkle detected on Melissa’s bone tie! This must be an artifact from the Mattegemeolithic Era, a rich but neglected part of the planet’s history. –F.F. (Fringe before Fire)

“There was a woman behind Bruno when he was giving his first critique of the night – she had a shirt bedazzled in sequins…just like MJ in Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough!! She definitely got the memo about the MJ theme and was showing her pride!” —Rachael, endorsed by Wiltasaurus, Kevin M. Kawa, Sugar

“I can’t believe the Hoff isn’t in the audience for this. ” —orville1970

“The scores would have been 10.. And a Hoff!” —Scoobysnacks

“He was the Missing Gem…” —Michele

“Did anyone notice that it looked like Apolo was speedskating when he slipped?” —Sarah, endorsed by Cindy, Wiltasaurus, Fringe Fairy

“When Apolo was listening to Len, you could see the gem sparkle at the bottom of the star shape over his right eye. It looked like a sad tear after slipping during his dance.” —BV

NEXT PAGE: If Planet Mirrorballus has a swimming pool, who are the cabana boys?

“Apolo’s ‘ow’ face after his little suspender snap up in the Skybox. Don’t think we didn’t see it, Mr. Ohno!” —Mee Dee

“Oh no, don’t let them blow up the mirrorball!” —DonnaW

“How could something so good be used for destructive purposes!?!” —Kevin M. Kawa

“Emmitt! Watch where you throw that “Mirror-Bomb”…don’t go blowing up ECL!!!” —iggy

“The ‘mirrorbomb’ looked like a weapon from super Mario brothers 2” —Fridgedancer

“And the costumes remind me a little of Mad magazine’s Spy vs Spy.” —orville1970, endorsed by Tyuyrryu

“Planet Mirrorballus has a swimming pool! When can I visit this resort?” —Colleen, endorsed by Fridgedancer

“We all have to go! Annie never mentioned a pool! I wonder who the cabana boys are…?” —duranmom

“I hope those cabana boys are Maks and Tristan!” —Colleen

“Kelly’s towel has a 10 on it!” —Colleen, endorsed by gemtastic15, Scoobysnacks, BV, Wiltasaurus (“but it would’ve been more effective on Val’s Speedo, no?”)

“Val’s little surfer necklace really was a hidden gem amidst all that muscular, tanned, glittery, Russian sex appeal.” —Mee Dee

“As Val and Kelly ran up the stairs, Val’s Speedo literally looked like it was censoring him. His own personal little black bar.” —Cindy

“I think Val just won the prize for the east amount of clothing worn in the ballroom. All it was missing were some rhinestones” —Fridgedancer

NEXT PAGE: Brooke enjoys the view

“After Kel & Val’s scores, BBC throws it back to Tom, with a quick glance down at the back of Val’s Speedos as he runs off camera. Ooh Busted, Girl!” —Tkemoses2002

“Melissa’s adorable daughter got her own costume changes this week so she could match her mom! (pink/zebra print for caveman hustle and red sparkly dress for argentine tango)” —Kate Larson, endorsed by MLM, Jennifer

“Even Shawn’s gold medal is blurred out, a la all the clothes the pros and stars wear in rehearsals.” —Kevin M. Kawa

“Apolo’s fake sideburn!! He somehow cloned his chin-tuft!” —Electronic_Neko

“Bruno and Len hugging after both awarding Shawn tens for her Tango. So cute!” —DarkLordofDance

“Ha! Karina caught herself in the middle of hiding Apolo’s abs!” —Electronic_Neko, endorsed by DancingBrenda, Anthony

“Karina’s hand on Apolo’s abs! thats where my hands would be too!!” —rifag

NEXT PAGE: Groovy Rejoin, a pincushion head, and a last-minute partner swap?

“I did NOT know that the musical intro the band plays when the show returns from commercials is called “Groovy Rejoin.” That really made my night.” —Wiltasaurus, endorsed by Michele, Fringe Fairy, kfran

“Guy in glasses not clapping behind Tom with unimpressed face after the decoys danced on the judges’ table.” —Colleen

“I didn’t start watching DWTS until Season 9, so I was very surprised in the rehearsal package/flashback footage to see how small Kelly’s mirrorball trophy was. Compared to today’s model, it was practically a Hidden Gem.” —Michele

“As Val and Kelly were heading up the stairs after their Rumba, I could swear there was an older lady sitting by the stairs who was wearing one of those tomato pin cushions as a headpiece” —MLM

“Tony and Derek switching partners at the end of the show” —MLM


“I loved how the camera went through the beaded curtain before Emmitt’s tango. The close-up strands looked so weird, but so fitting.” —Wiltasaurus, endorsed by Colleen, gemtastic15, Kevin M. Kawa

“The shot of Emmitt descending the stairs through the gem-encrusted atmosphere around Planet Mirrorballus at the beginning of his dance confirms the planet actually exists! ” —houghandjive

“Did you hear Tom’s shout-out to us gem hunters earlier?? He disguised it in a comment about Michael Jackson songs but said there were lots of ‘rare gems’ coming up!” —gemtastic15, endorsed by MLM, Fringe Fairy, Tay, Gemma K

Not Enough Tristan in this pot o’ gold, I say! Press play for an extra dose of brogue-y goodness.

Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for this fabulous heap of gems!


Fringe Fairy

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