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How can Don’t Trust the B– possibly top storylines that saw titular bitch Chloe (Krysten Ritter) forcing a foster child to work as her indentured servant or proudly revealing that she stars in a Japanese comic book series called Tall Slut No Panties? With an episode that revolves around Chloe bringing her naive roommate June (Dreama Walker) home for Thanksgiving, obviously.

That logline sounds like it’s straight out of Sitcom Plots 101 — except for the fact that last season, June briefly dated Chloe’s father, Scott (Michael Landes). Oh, and Chloe’s wheelchair-bound mother, Karen (Marin Hinkle), has no idea about their fling. To top it all off, people-pleaser June has also allowed Chloe to convince her to show up for dinner in a wheelchair of her own.

“It might be the most twisted [episode]” of the ABC sitcom so far, Ritter told EW in a phone interview. “But even though it’s twisted, it ends up being [Chloe’s] most successful Thanksgiving home visit in years,” she says.

That’s mainly because the entire dinner is part of a “crazy elaborate scheme where you think it’s one thing, but it’s actually another,” Ritter teases. Intriguing — though we see what the actress means when she describes June and Scott’s first post-breakup meeting as “”

Get a sneak peek at the new episode, which airs tomorrow at 9:30 p.m. on ABC, in the clip below. It doesn’t show off June and Scott’s cringeworthy dynamic — but it does feature Thanksgiving-hating Chloe celebrating Turkey Day in her own inimitable way.

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