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In this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, on newsstands now, makeup artist Howard Berger walks us through the steps he took to transform Anthony Hopkins into director Alfred Hitchcock for Hitchcock, the big screen biopic (in theaters Nov. 23) that follows the Master of Suspense during the making of Psycho.

“It took an hour and a half to do [Tony’s] makeup. We were [working] with an actor who is 74-years-old and in every scene of the movie, so it couldn’t be longer than that,” Berger said of the streamlined process, which involved the application of a prosthetic nose, earlobes and a silicone wrap to give Hopkins those unmistakable Hitchcock jowls. “It made [Tony] happy, it made the studio happy and it made the director [Sacha Gervasi] very happy.”

Watch the amazing time-lapse video below to see Hopkins’ transformation into Hitchcock in under a minute.

Reporting by Solvej Schou

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