Twilight haters, you’ve got yourself an ally: Robert Pattinson himself.

The Twilight actor has never exactly raved about the movies to begin with. But that’s what makes this Buzzfeed video of Pattinson — answering questions with a goofy-yet-barely-concealed rage against the franchise — so entertaining.

The video compiles all his best soundbites over the years attempting to explain the things even fans struggle to defend: “If Edward wasn’t a fictional character, he’d be one of those guys who’s an ax-murderer,”he says. “There’s definitely something wrong with [Bella], and there’s obviously something wrong with me.” On his standard look in the film: “It’s a mixture of looking slightly constipated and stoned.”

Now, I’ll say that in all of these clips Pattinson appears to be joking, somewhat (same deal for the Tumblr RobertPattinsonHatesTwilight). Except for the soundbite when he says that the most rewarding part of Twilight was getting SK-II face packs (face cream). I have no excuse for that.

Watch below:

I’d lovingly make an RPatz joke, but Pattinson shared, “[He] would like to break the hands and mouth of the person who came up with it!”

No word on his thoughts on Kstew.

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