Bella V Katniss
Credit: Mattel

Earlier this summer, you decided who was the greatest superhero of all time. Now that the new vampire Bella Barbie doll has arrived, we want to know: If vampire Bella Barbie faced off against Katniss Barbie, who would emerge victorious?

It’s a Battle of the Barbies!

Joining two earlier plastic incarnations of the Twilight Saga heroine — the naive Bella of the first film and bride Bella from Breaking Dawn: Part 1 — vampire Bella is sexier and more dangerous, as her leather jacket and motorcycle boots imply. Though the Hunger Games’ Katniss is clad in a simple windbreaker and cargo pants, she is armed with her signature bow and arrows.

The two Barbies, both with killer survivalist skills and gorgeous heads of hair, face off. Who wins? Vote now in the poll below.

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