By Bronwyn Barnes
Updated November 19, 2012 at 04:06 PM EST
Rhythm & Hues

Much of the early Oscar buzz surrounding Life of Pi (in theaters November 21) is centered around director Ang Lee’s innovative use of 3-D technology, but tangible set pieces are also a big part of the film’s rich production design — and a few of them can be yours… for the right price.

Following the success of flash sales featuring items from Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris and the hit ABC series Revenge, luxury shopping site Gilt Home kicks off its Life of Pi set sale today at noon. Among the offerings available through the online event, which ends Thursday, are Indian-made furniture and tapestries, saris, jewelry and other authentic costume pieces, and the actual 25-foot long lifeboat occupied by Pi and his fellow castaway (a Bengal tiger) throughout much of the movie.

Browse through our photo gallery for a sneak peek at the auction items and click here to bid.

Pi’s Prayer Rug

A prayer rug, used by the young Pi (played by newcomer Ayush Tandon) as he begins to explore his spirituality, is priced at $2,800.


Traditional saris and jewelry worn by characters seen in flashback scenes range from $400 – $1,200.

Faux Turtle Shell

While set adrift on the Pacific Ocean, Pi uses this hollowed-out faux tortoise shell ($3,400) as a makeshift dinner plate.

Signed Posters and Books

Movie posters (above, left) and copies of The Making of Life of Pi hardcover book (above, right) signed by director Ang Lee will sell for $140 and $200, respectively.

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