How accurate is Denzel Washington's high-flying drama? First officer Daniel Fruciano of charter company Miami Air International weighs in.

By Grady Smith
Updated November 16, 2012 at 05:00 AM EST
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The extracurricular bedroom activities between Washington’s airline captain and his flight attendant
It’s discouraged but very, very common, especially at smaller companies.

The captain gets busted for drinking during a flight
No crew member can drink alcohol. We have what’s called the ”bottle or throttle” rule that says no less than eight hours prior to reporting for duty may you have consumed alcohol.

The captain’s pre-takeoff inspection of the plane during stormy weather
Generally the first officer does the walk-around, but I can guarantee you, if the weather is s—ty, the first officer always does the walk-around. That had me giggling — that the hungover captain who’s just done a couple lines of coke was going to go out in the rain.

The heroic rescue of the plane by flipping it upside down
Not so much. The aerodynamics of the wings aren’t made to fly upside down. The one thing that was funny, actually — they had a failure of the fuel pumps. That would happen, because the pumps aren’t meant for the plane to be upside down.

A flight attendant helps control the aircraft
That was the most asinine thing I’ve ever seen. You would never, ever have a flight attendant in the cockpit during an emergency like that. So that was a little crazy.


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