Peter Billingsley, star of 1983's ''A Christmas Story,'' talks about producing a stage musical based on the classic yuletide movie

By Adam Markovitz
Updated November 16, 2012 at 05:00 AM EST

In the 29 years since he almost shot his eye out as Ralphie in the beloved 1983 film A Christmas Story, Peter Billingsley has hit it big in Hollywood as an exec producer (Iron Man) and a director (Couples Retreat). But he’s not finished with that Red Ryder air rifle yet. Billingsley, 41, is a producer of A Christmas Story: The Musical, a song-and-dance spectacle — picture a kick line featuring dancers dressed as the film’s famous leg lamp — that opens on Broadway Nov. 19 for an eight-week run. ”I still have fond memories of making the movie,” he says. ”Now I see the joy in audiences when they watch scenes [on stage] that they remember from it.” Billingsley says he’d even consider bringing Ralphie back to the big screen: ”I’m generally not a fan of remaking great films. But [a film version of] the musical would be its own thing. We’re a little way from that, though.”