When he's not busy playing tousle-haired billionaire Nolan Ross on the deliciously soapy drama (ABC, Sundays, 9 p.m.), the actor and music obsessive, 40, is poring over his constantly changing playlist

November 16, 2012 at 05:00 AM EST

Brad Sucks, ”Making Me Nervous”
”You should Hype Machine this immediately! Have you heard of the Hype Machine? It’s a running timeline of every new song on every music blog. You get all this great stuff — one-off singles, amazing mash-ups, covers.”

Youngblood Hawke, ”We Come Running”
”In terms of something a little more pop, this one mashes up a whole bunch of different kinds of sounds: There’s a poppy emo thing with a kind of lo-fi bloggy thing. And it’s such a good name! You don’t even need to listen to the song, just drop the band’s name and you’re good [laughs].”

Bear in Heaven, ”Sinful Nature”
”Their album is probably top five for me in 2012, maybe even top three. And this song has a very twisted video — it’s a Pretty Woman concept, except, like, Julia Roberts is melting. It’s so great.”

Mt. Eden feat. Ruby Frost, ”Oh That I Had”
”This is my foray into dubstep. I know certain DJs have become disillusioned with dubstep and have started to call it brostep, but it’s not so much bro-step, it’s more dreamstep. It’s that dreamstep sound. Let’s go with that.”

Various Artists, The music of Nashville
”It’s been so phenomenal — I find myself downloading all the songs after every episode. It’s not pop-country so much. A lot of it is dark, minor-chord stuff.”

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