November 16, 2012 at 03:36 PM EST

Breaking: Lindsay Lohan managed to plug Liz & Dick on Good Morning America without injuring a single pedestrian or setting anything on fire! I knew good things would start happening for our girl as soon as she became a redhead again.

After Lohan pulled out of a planned interview with Barbara Walters last week, it seemed like the beleaguered actress might not be ready for another press tour. But the star of Lifetime’s new Elizabeth Taylor biopic was calm and composed on GMA, if a little stiff. In a smoky voice that seemed huskier each time she opened her mouth, Lohan discussed her role — surprise: she relates to Taylor’s famously tumultuous life “in a lot of ways” — and her drama-filled past few years, albeit obliquely. “I think that everyone goes through things in life,” she told Amy Robach, “and I like to learn from my mistakes… Everything happens for a reason, good or bad.”

Perhaps understandably, Lohan dodged questions about rehab and her turbulent family life, insisting that she wanted to keep things positive. (She did, however, reveal that she hadn’t heard the news about her new half-sister until Robach brought it up on air.) Instead, she stuck to a few basic talking points: She felt transformed the first time she donned a Liz Taylor wig. She’s excited about her new movie, The Canyons. She’s told her agent that as long as she’s working, she can’t get into trouble: “Just keep me on set. It’s safer that way.”

Okay, maybe the talking points weren’t all so basic. Generally, though, the interview went smoothly — even when GMA‘s DJ Kalkutta welcomed Lindsay back after a commercial break by playing Ke$ha’s “Die Young.” Catch both parts of Lohan’s latest publicity appearance here:

Oh, and don’t forget to set your DVRs to “stun” — Liz & Dick premieres on Lifetime Nov. 25 at 9 p.m. ET.

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