November 16, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST

The waiting game is over. In tonight’s mid-season finale of Grimm, fans were treated to a few moments they’d been ready to see for months. Secrets were revealed, hearts were broken and missions for vengeance were born.

Beware: SPOILERS AHEAD about tonight’s mid-season finale.

First up, Nick finally finds out that his memory-challenged girlfriend is harboring feelings for another man. He hasn’t been hit with the news of just who that man is yet, but the mental picture of the woman he once proposed to snogging any other guy is enough to send him into angry puppy mode.

Juliette’s confession scene features our Portland Grimm as we rarely see him: a mess. Tight-jawed, eyes red and puffy, Nick can barely look at Juliette.

Grimm star David Giuntoli told EW how he got into the scene: “You just kind of imagine what that’s like. And we’ve all been down that road before, probably. It was not that difficult to summon those emotions.”

But through it all, Nick manages to shed not one tear, and Giuntoli tells us why: “A hero can’t actually cry tears down his cheek, but he’s allowed to well up.” (Though two particular TV heroes known for their manly tears of doom may differ on that point.)

Big Secret Part Two is revealed to Nick at the end of the episode, when Monroe helps his friend connect the dots, and Nick realizes that the object of Juliette’s affection is his own boss, Captain Sean Renard.

Nick being in the know about this “really opened up things in the story moving forward – all the dynamics, all of the new story lines,” Giuntoli said. “What it’s like in the precinct now – do I trust this guy? How are we going to work together? It’s going to be interesting.”

Check back here on Inside TV on Monday for more scoop from Giuntoli about what’s next on Grimm. Sandra Gonzalez’s Spoiler Room will have more teases about how Nick will deal with this juicy but devastating intel about Renard.

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