By Matt Cabral
November 16, 2012 at 05:58 PM EST

Batman: Arkham CityEW’s top game of 2012 — is back, but this time the Dark Knight’s delivering his bone-crunching brand of vigilante justice on Nintendo’s new Wii U console (out Nov. 18). More than a prettied-up port, the re-branded Armored Edition is utilizing the hardware’s tablet-like GamePad in hopes of putting players under the cowl like never before.

In theory, the controller serves as the caped crusader’s wrist-mounted computer, allowing gamers to manage gadgets, view objectives, examine intel, and navigate Gotham’s labyrinthine map without exiting to an immersion-breaking pause menu. Additionally, a number of gameplay actions, such as steering remote-controlled batarangs, can be handled with the peripheral’s various gyroscopic and touch-screen tricks.

As anyone who’s played motion- and touch-sensitive titles will attest, they can be more frustrating than fun. That said, based on my time behind the GamePad — which had me detonating explosive gel with a few intuitive finger swipes — I’m encouraged the experience will make budding Bats feel more like the Dark Knight than a drunken monkey.

Whether or not these bonus bat-toys will be enough to lure back fans who’ve already cleaned up Gotham’s crime-choked streets remains to be seen, but those craving a sneak peek can spy the exclusive launch trailer below: 

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