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Susan Ee


The latest self-published YA novel heading full steam towards its big-screen moment. When it was announced on Wednesday that Good Universe had acquired the film rights to the deliciously dark Angelfall, (with Sam Raimi set to produce!), we immediately reached out to author Susan Ee for comment. She was thrilled to share her thoughts on the film and even shared an exclusive photograph (below) featuring her with the film’s producers.

Originally self-published in 2011, Angelfall was picked up by Amazon Children’s Publishing for a re-release in August of this year. The novel takes place six weeks after angels of the apocalypse have destroyed the world as we know it. When enemy angels fly away with 17-year-old Penryn’s little sister, Penryn is forced to team up with Raffe, an injured angel who wants his wings back. Together, they will journey to the heart of San Francisco and the angels’ stronghold, where an unimaginable horror awaits them.

Ee revealed that she couldn’t have picked a better team to adapt Angelfall, gushing in particular about the Spider-Man director. “I’m tremendously excited to be working with a creative powerhouse like Sam Raimi,” she told EW in an email. “Having Angelfall be received so enthusiastically by the readers and then having a world-class director/producer like Sam Raimi want to make a movie of it is simply the definition of joy for me.”

As for the film itself, Ee is hoping for “a great multi-layered experience — a thrilling plot, a fabulous audio-visual experience, and an emotional connection. This story has a lot going on internally that the reader/viewer can infer, so I’m hoping for wonderful actors who can convey that in a way that resonates well with the audience and a superb director who can bring it all together.” While a writer hasn’t been chosen just yet, Ee would “like someone who writes great characters and is a natural fan of the book.” Makes sense to us!

Check out an exclusive photo of Ee and the film’s producers below:

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

From right to left that’s Ee, Raimi, Joe Drake (Hunger Games), Nathan Kahane (Hope Springs), and Rob Tapert (The Possession).

What are your hopes for Angelfall? Let the fan-casting begin!

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