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Season 3 of The Walking Dead has added some of the most iconic characters from the comic book on which the show is based. We’ve been treated to Michonne (and her pets), the Governor, zombie Penny, and even a female version of Doc Stevens. But according to Robert Kirkman, who is the creator of the comic and exec producer of the TV adaptation, we’re about to see another big name character make the leap from page to screen, and it’s going to happen very soon — in the fall finale on Dec. 2, to be specific. “There’s a new character added,” says Kirkman of episode 8. “A big deal fan favorite from the comic book is introduced into the show in this episode, so be on the lookout for that.”

Could it be Tyreese (pictured above), a former NFL linebacker who was introduced in issue #7 of the comic and endured a rocky relationship with Rick (and romantic relationships with Carol and Michonne) while serving as Grimes’ right hand man of sorts. “I don’t know, man!” says Kirkman. “I don’t know. I got no clue!” While Kirkman is playing coy, rumors have swirled that actor Chad Coleman (best known from The Wire and I Hate My Teenage Daughter) has been spotted in the Atlanta area where the show films and could be playing the comic book fave. Whomever it is — be it Tyreese, or another character entirely, like, say, friendly scout Aaron or Fu Manchu mustache rocking Abraham — he (or she) will be appearing on Dec. 2. How long that person manages to stay alive, however, is anyone’s guess.

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