By Abby West
Updated November 15, 2012 at 10:01 PM EST

After 50 years in print, the National Wildlife Federation’s Ranger Rick magazine, featuring that oh-so-wise raccoon, has a couple of generations of fans who grew up knowing and loving the animal exploration and beautiful photos within. But the NWF is hoping to bring in the next wave of fans with the addition of Ranger Rick Jr. magazine next month, featuring the younger Ricky Raccoon. And of course, both Ranger Rick (geared to ages 7-12) and Ranger Rick Jr. (ages 4-7) are sporting new iPad apps.

Check out the trailer below for the Ranger Rick Jr. Appventures, where Ricky, unlike Ranger Rick, speaks.

The $4.99 Ranger Rick Jr. Appventures app translates some stories from the magazine with a series of interactive features and games. Ranger Rick’s Treehouse app ($19.99) does the same, plus video clips and plenty of jokes that kids will appreciate.

Did you grow up with Ranger Rick? Have you introduced your kids to it? Plan to check out the new magazine or apps?